Tanto in shira saya
The blade was made from CK75 / 1075 - an unalloyed steel with 0.75% carbon content. Material for the scabbard is pine (and not traditional)...
Dismounted Tanto
You can see the shira saya with mekugi, the blade and habaki
Omote side of the Tanto
The blade furnished with the copper habaki is held in the handle using a bamboo pin.
Here the Ura side...
Tsuka of the shira saya wih bamboo insert around the hole. You can see the wood grain which shows, that this scabbard was not made from one piece cut lengthwise.
A detail shot of mekugi-ana, habaki and hamon.
Here you can see the thickness of the habaki compared to the relatively thin (4mm) blade.
The hardened tip with boshi.