As hand guard I use a simple steel plate, into which blossom motifs are drilled and filed.

The layout of the Tsuba was drawn on a 5 mm thick steel plate,


As template I selected a round iron tuba from the late Muromanchi period. The plum and cherry blossoms are arranged as breakout (mon sukashi).
Here are all five blooms already finished.


Detail view of a blossom.
It consists of five larger holes, which are filed like a "M" toward the center of the bloom. At the blossom left above you can see, that the petals are heart-shaped. They are formed out of two smaller holes plus the "M".


The rectangular plate was cut round using an angel grinder.


Detail view of the Nakago Ana


The finished Tsuba in metal look...
I made it without kozuka ana and kogai ana consciously for the Kashira does not have these elements too.
The diameter of the Tsuba is relatively large with 8,4 cm, however it goes with a little rustic sword.


The finished Tsuba after a bath in a seawater solution for some days...
Of course it is matter of taste how to create the surface of the Tsuba, I however prefer this natural kind.

If you are versed with Tsubas - I have an antique Tsuba and would be glad bout anykind of information about...