The material of the Menuki is copper with 1,5 mm thickness.
It is good to work up and to dye black.
The ornaments will be made of brass.


First you should create a pattern, where all drilling holes are marked.
These will be the holes for the petals.

  Petals are made of a 3 mm thick brass rod.
The round rod has to be filed triangular. Then the part of the petal, which is soldered into the Kashira, is filed round again, so that it fits into the Kashira holes. The petals are decorated with a notch to immitate a leave vein on the top side. If done you can saw it off and start with the next petal.
  The single petals were hammerd into the holes.
Now the Menuki have to be cut in shape and filed.

Here you see the raw Menuki.
The edges should be made smooth and a 3D structure can be applied.


The finished Menuki with smooth edges and a black dyed surface.