On the following pages I would like to show you, how I had built a Japanese style sword with relatively simple methods using a bare blade.
This manual is a suggestion and assistance for all those, who want to do a similar project. All work procedures and methods do not lay a claim on tradition or delivered handicraft art.

Because the manufacturing and hardening of a blade are very difficult even for a professional, it is a good start to use a finished blade. I used a "Practical Katana" (Paul Chen/CAS Iberia). This Katana is supplied completely with handle and scabbard; however the handle and sabbard are very primitive, so that a modification is obvious. For the new parts I used iron, copper and brass, which one can buy at locksmith's shops and tinsmith's. The handle consists of wood, cotton band and rayskin, which you can order from special dealers.
A gallery of the sword parts can be found here.

Thanks to:
All members of the Budoforum (www.budoforum.net) and the Swordforum (www.swordforum.com), which gave me useful tipps and information.
Special thanks to "Sabiji", who gave me the ray skin as present. Not forgotten are also all innumerable websites, on which I could found information on this topic.
A link and source list is here.